(VA.) Virginia Showing The Geography and...

Mapmaker: Ljungstedt - J.W. Clement

(VA.) Virginia Showing The Geography and...


  • Summer Things 2020 Part II
  • (Virginia) VIRGINIA - Showing the Geography and Physical Features of the State

    A large map promoting the historic state. Done on a beautiful base map from O.A. Ljunstedt at U.S.G.S., the lithographic treatment of the terrain well separates from cultural features, and gives clear definition. A large inset shows the strategic location of the state and it's "Relation to all Eastern Points". Red over-printing shows "natural wonders", "battlefield parks", forests, and "places for recreation and amusement".

    Condition is very good with minor marginal tears. . Image size is approximately 23.25 x 44.25 (inches)