(VA, WV, MD, DE) The Proposed Boundaries...

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(VA, WV, MD, DE) The Proposed Boundaries...


  • ~Holiday~2016
  • The Proposed Boundaries Of Maryland, Virginia And Delaware

    "The geographical position of the metropolis of the nation, menaced by the Rebels, and required to be defended by thousands of our troops, induces me to suggest for the consideration the propriety and expediency of a reconstruction of the boundaries of the states of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia" - Secretary of War James Holt

    With this statement is an accompanied map showing new proposed divisions with Maryland assuming most of the area, divided to the west at the Blue Ridge to create "New Virginia". An additional map below also shows the expansion of DC to include all of the other shore of the Potomac as well which would include present day Arlington.
    A rare artifact, this paper is complete with its interesting cartographic front page. Our first encounter with this possibility.

    Condition is good with some light discoloration to the paper and small, mostly marginal tears. Image size is approximately 7 x 9.5 (inches) on a sheet size of 21 x 15