View of Chicago, 1893

Mapmaker: Roy, Peter

View of Chicago, 1893


  • ~Catalog 53~
  • Bird\'s Eye View of Chicago, 1893.

    A fine sketch bird\'s eye view of the city as part of the promotion for the great World\'s Fair of 1893. This handsome lithograph shows the postition of the Fair grounds at the south end of the city, and the boat lines that would ferry along the shoreline to "Lake Park and U.S. Government Harbor\", roughly what is today's Grant Park. A ride careful to give the most flattering view of the town. Green colors the park system that rings the downtown. A key at the bottom of the image notes almost two dozen points of interest throughout town. Amazingly, though done in a sketch style, upon inspection you can rightly identify key buildings such as the old Water Tower building on Michigan Avenue, City Hall, or the factories on Goose Island. Likewise, examination shows some key streets are named. An inset in the lower right dramatizes growth since Chicago in 1832. This is a rarity, and it's a panoramic view of the city made famous in the recent book "The Devil in the White City"

    Condition is very good. with typical close margins. Image size is 14.75 x 30(inches).