(Virginia- Maryland-Delaware) Carte De La Virginie et du Marylan

Mapmaker: DeVaugondy

(Virginia- Maryland-Delaware) Carte De La Virginie et du Marylan

c. 1778

  • ~Catalog 59~
  • (Virginia-Maryland-Delaware) Carte De La Virginie Et Du Maryland Dressee sur la grande carte Angloise de Mrs. Josue Fry et Pierre Jefferson, Par le Sr. Robert de Vaugondy Geographe ordinaire du Roi. Avec Privilege 1755

    A beautiful reduction of the foundational map by Fry & Jefferson for Virginia and neighboring Maryland and Delaware. A mother map, it became the pattern and foundation that many map makers would draw from and would be reproduced in numerous different editions and languages, and incorporated into many early key maps of the colonies, including the works of Lewis Evans and John Mitchell. This fine engraving shows the expanse of Virginia as is reaches past the Allegheny mountains which are bordered by "Louisiane". Pedley M.S. #470

    Condition is good with some off setting. Attractively hand colored. Image size is approximately 19 x 25 (inches)