Virginia Marylandia et Carolina

Mapmaker: Homann, J.B.

Virginia Marylandia et Carolina

c. 1730

  • ~Catalog 52~
  • Virginia Marylandia et Carolina In America Septentrionali Britannorum industria excultae...

    A dramatic map of this portion of the colonies, this map includes an uncommon configuration for New Jersey where it was divided East and West. Great for its primitive treatment of what lay inland, especially beyond the Appalacian mountains, where Florida borders the western bounds of Virginia, and beyond Florida, Lake Erie. Spans an amazing reach from Connecticut and Long Island to beyond Cape Fear. A large title cartouche shows the native Americans bringing pelts for trade, in exchange for beads and good.

    Condition is good, though there are some old dampstaining, and some soiling. Image size is 19.25 x 22.75