Virginia Marylandia et Carolina

Mapmaker: Homann, J.B.

Virginia Marylandia et Carolina


  • ~Catalog 58~
  • Virginia Marylandia et Carolina

    The rare first state of this interesting and attractive map. A key map for the southeast and the German settlements in the region. Produced not only to show the region but to promote German emigration to America. Spanning from Connecticut and a good part of Long Island, it reaches down along the Carolina coast, just beyond Cape Fear. A large decorative cartouche boasts the fruit of the colonies from food and tobacco to gold and more. While the boundaries shown may be crude, it is easy enough to identify region coastaly, as well as by following the rivers which are dotted with towns, and nearby are county names. Following the Rappahanock river to its headwaters finds the “Germantown Teutsche Statt”. This map is one of a few that shows New Jersey divided into two territories, East and West. Also shows a errant “Apalache Lacus”, a massive lake which could be a combination of Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie. A beautiful engraving with original outline hand color. Cumming, W.P. (SE) 156, pl.46.

    Has two repaired tears one at top near the centerfold and one lower left, both reach an inch or so into the image, but unobtrusive, light misfold on the left.. Image size is approximately 19.25 x 27.75 (inches),