(WA. - B.C.) New Boundary Difficulty

Mapmaker: New York Herald

(WA. - B.C.) New Boundary Difficulty


  • In The News 2020
  • (WA. - B.C.) The New Boundary Difficulty With Great Britain. - Map of the Arroo Islands and the Disputed Boundary Lines--- The Respective Claims of England and the United States.

    This was a dispute about hogs that escalated to an international point of friction.

    Several American settlers and an English Squire (employed by the Hudson Bay Co.) lived on the San Juan islands. The Squire had some unruly hogs that would break through the neighbors hedges and dig up and eat the American's potatoes. One settler, Mr Cutter, found the pigs in his garden and couldn't get them out, so he shot one. The Squire was enraged, and wouldn't take payment from the apologetic American, but wanted him hauled of to Victoria to be charged. By this time the American settlers had sent to Gen. Harney for troops and protection, and the General wouldn't turn the settler over to British officials. Things escalated and three British ships were sent to surround the islands. And this is where the question of jurisdiction came to a head.

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