(WA.- Seattle) Seattle

Mapmaker: Kroll Map Company

(WA.- Seattle) Seattle

c. 1940

  • The West 2020

    Our first encounter with this simple promotional birds eye view by long time local publishers, The Kroll Map Co. Lays out the downtown streets, the surrounding neighborhoods, and some key buildings. A great tool for general orientation, and this example was printed for the Henry Broderick Real Estate company.

    In an interview with third generation owner of the Kroll Map Co., John Loacker, he mentioned that the foray into birds eye view type publications was part of a Great Depression era rethinking of the business. At a time when the standard business was struggling or had grown stagnant, they began to do a series of different views that repackaged areas in a different approach.

    Condition is good with some minor soiling and aging to the paper. Image size is approximately 10.5 x 23 (inches)