(West) A Chart of the Internal Part...

Mapmaker: Pike, Z.

(West) A Chart of the Internal Part...


  • ~Catalog 62~
  • A Chart of the Internal Part of Louisiana, Including all the hitherto unexplored Countries, lying between the River La Platte of the Missouri...

    An outstanding landmark for the exploration of the West. This is Zebulon Pike's map which reaches into the Rockies, and notes the "highest peak" which now bears his name. Beginning the journey at the age of 27, Pike and his men unveiled a vast portion of the West and gave a new connection to Great Plains, Rockies and in this map the cities of Taos and Santa Fe.

    Following the route up the Arkansas to it's headwaters, we pass notations of "First wild Horses" and "Innumerable Herds of Buffalos &c.", until you reach historic notation that simply says "Here the Mountains are first seen". These mountains mentioned, and the nearby lands would be their focus of their Winter in 1806, even attempting to climb the vast peaks with his men ill-clad for the harsh season. Does show their route through present day southern Colorado and the Stockade they made where they were "met by the Spaniards", arrested for spying and taken south into Mexico. Pike accumulated information on "New Spain" as they were detained, and while he was released in 1807 some of Pike's men were held for years after.

    While the mis-attributions and confusion about the regional rivers is well known, this map still supplied a backbone to build from which would be the foundation for the future.

    Condition is good, with some light offsetting, sporadic light staining, and close margins. Professionally cleaned and backed. Image size is approximately 15.5 x 17.5 (inches)