(West) A New Map of Texas, Oregon and California with Regions Ad

Mapmaker: Mitchell

(West) A New Map of Texas, Oregon and California with Regions Ad


  • ~Catalog 60~
  • A New Map of Texas Oregon and California with the Regions Adjoining. Compiled from the most recent authorities.

    An important map of the West, this was an inflammatory publication at the time and the smoking gun that showed America's intent toward the region. During this period, the presumption was that the best land was in Texas, Oregon and Upper California, and this map showed their close proximity to the already established Missouri Territory and Indian Territory, the latter which covered most of the plains and was to be held as solely native lands. President Polk entered the office in 1845 with sights on gaining California, but understood he could have his hands full fighting both in California, and defending the recently annexed Texas from the potential threat of Mexico trying to retake the region. This map illustrates the shift to not only looking westward with wonder, but now looking strategically at how to conquer and settle it, or as later termed, "Manifest Destiny".

    This map was the best that was known at the time and its reputation for accuracy was well known, it became the indispensable reference. General Kearny, like other generals carried it into the Mexican War. Brigham Young used it for the migration of the Mormon settlers and requested that those back East to send him a half dozen of this map for use in their travels. Drawing from the recent work of John C. Fremont, Josiah Gregg and others, Mitchell's map was the best map at this pivotal time.

    Many appreciate this map as one of the prime examples of Texas when it included its "stovepipe" panhandle that reaches today well into Colorado and Wyoming. It also shows the full expanse of the Oregon Territory reaching up to 54.40, and including both the islands of Vancouver and Queen Charlotte's, spanning south to the 42nd parallel. It notes the major trails throughout, as well as the locations of native tribes. A key in the lower left gives the distances along the Oregon trail showing the "Emigrant Route from Missouri to Oregon", the total distance from Westport to Oregon City being 2040 miles.

    This first edition of the map is complete in its text, "A General View of the United States..." which addresses the history and character of each of the states and territories, including the Mexican territory of California, and the Oregon Territory of which the US has "undoubted title".

    Condition of the map is good, it has been professionally back and remains in the text. Has some small points of foxing or staining, and has some very minute points of loss along one fold, with little loss of printed matter. Typical close margins on the right. Text is very good, with some restoration to the spine and mild, mostly marginal foxing. Image size is 22.25 x 20.75 (inches).