(West) ...California, The Territories of Oregon...

Mapmaker: Mitchell

(West) ...California, The Territories of Oregon...

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  • The West 2020
  • (West) A New Map Of The State Of California, The Territories Of Oregon, Washington, Utah & New Mexico.

    In the wake of the recent Gold Rush in California, this map looks at the vast territories of the West, including the Golden State itself. Prior to the Kansas Nebraska act, we still see a vast "Missouri Territory" covering the northern plains, met just below it with an "Indian Territory" that abuts a large New Mexico. Rivers, mountains, forts and towns grant an orientation to this hodge podge, where six territories basically divide the entire West. Notes many native tribes throughout, and includes a mention of the "Indian Treaty Grounds" just east of Laramie.

    Condition is good with some light soiling on right edge. Original hand color. Image size is approximately 15.75 x 13 (inches)