(West) Carte Des Nouveaux Etats Et Territoires

Mapmaker: Anonymous

(West) Carte Des Nouveaux Etats Et Territoires


  • ~Catalog 58~
  • (West) Carte Des Nouveaux Etats Et Territoires annexes aux Etats-Unis Extraite de la carte generale des Etats-Unis par H. S. Tanner

    A very rare map of the West based off of, and acknowledging its debt to Tanner's map. Showing the territorial borders of the region, it is very early to show a Nebraska territory amidst Oregon, Utah and New Mexico. California is strangely distorted with a lower eastern border that sweeps in far into present day Nevada. Richly detailed for Indian tribes, especially throughout the area of the Colorado River and its tributaries. Notes many key trails and expedition routes including the Santa Fe trail, Fremonts route, the Spanish trail and even what appears to be Long's route. A large inset shows Florida and the nearby Bahamas and adjacent Cuban coast.

    Condition is very good, save for an inked out notation in the Florida inset, just south of Mobile bay. Image size is approximately 16 x 19(inches),