(West-CO. - UT.) Amer. Sep... No. 47

Mapmaker: Vandermaelen

(West-CO. - UT.) Amer. Sep... No. 47


  • Fall Things 2020
  • (West - CO.- UT.) Amer. Sep. Partie Du Mexique. No. 47.

    While still part of the extended Mexican Empire, here part of the far northern edge of the frontier, which is part of today's Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. Shows the rivers and major terrain of the area, with a clear depiction of the Green River and its junction with the Colorado River. Shows two large lakes, one the "Teguayo Lac Sale" and it's northern neighbor the "Lac De Timpanogos". Notes numerous native tribes throughout

    Condition is good with margins trimmed very closely. Image size is approximately 18.25 x 22.25 (inches)