(West - Fremont) Trace du Chemin...

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(West - Fremont) Trace du Chemin...


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  • (West - Fremont) Trace du chemin de fer Transcontinental - Memphis-Pacific

    An interesting final footnote in the final chapter of J.C. Fremont's life. It could be argued that one of Fremont's key qualities was promotion and self promotion. Perhaps at times he was a little more P.T. Barnum than Capt. Cook. It's a small mention in his obituary in 1890 that his "notoriety and success have been quite the reverse of what they were...", and that he was "at one time interested in a plan for a great transcontiental railroad from Norfolk, Virginia to San Francisco; but it was unsuccessful and the misrepresentations of his French agents, by no fault of his own, cast a shadow upon his name."

    This single page map shows the clandestined route that Fremont was involved in and gives a bit of the pitch for it. Included with the map is the front page from this same issue from May 8 of 1869

    Condition is good with some soiling and marginal tears. Image size is approximately 4.5 x 11.25 inches