(West) Map of an Exploring Expedition

Mapmaker: Fremont, J. C.

(West) Map of an Exploring Expedition


  • ~Catalog 54~
  • (WEST) Map of an Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the year 1842 and to Oregon & North California in the Years 1843-44 by Brevet Captain J.C. Fremont of the Corps. of Topographical Engineers under the orders of Col. J.J. Abert

    This large map was originally published with some copies of Fremont’s report of his great second expedition. The map shows the entire west and traces Fremont’s route and the information he developed on the lands he traveled through. Wheat devoted over six pages to a description of this map and its importance. To summarize Wheat briefly the map radically and permanently changed the entire picture of the west and its cartography and was as important as any earlier map by a western explorer. The map focuses on Fremonts routes and what he saw so much of the lands in between were left unexplored. The map was issued folded in some copies of the report. Wheat 497.

    Some corners and a small corner tear are repaired but with only a small amount printed matter lost. Paper overall is very light and clean with some very light offsetting. The original hand colored blue is still strong throughout.. Image size is 51 x 31.5, some hand color