(West) Map Of Arkansa And Other Territories

Mapmaker: Carey & Lea

(West) Map Of Arkansa And Other Territories


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    An important map based on the explorations of Major Long, showing the West with many interesting notations. It was Long who led an expedition across the Plains along the Platte River, to the front range where they encountered "the Highest Peak" (now Longs Peak),"James Peak" (Pikes Peak), and traced the Arkansas River back east. It was also Long who called the western plains "The Great American Desert" (here"Great Desert"). Throughout this map we see Long's translated notations such as the note in the heart of the Plains that states "The Great Desert is frequented by roving bands of Indians who have no fixed place of residence but roam from place to place in quest of game". Reaching from the primitive states and territories of Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas and "Wisconsin Michigan", this map spans to Taos New Mexico and north to the Black Hills.

    Perhaps one of this map's most salient features that is overlooked is its introduction of geology to the depiction. Robert G. Smith in discussing this map pointed out that it's a foundational map for its inclusion of comments such as "limit of Lime stane and Coal Strata", or "Eastern limit of ... sand stone". While not frequently quote in other geological literature, it's an interesting application of the young science of geology applied to the frontier.

    Condition is very good. Original hand color. Image size is approximately 16.75 x 20.75 (inches)