(West) Map of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia & Mont

Mapmaker: Colton

(West) Map of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia & Mont


  • ~Catalog 60~
  • Colton's Map of Oregon, Washington

    Not a common map, this map of the territories reaches from Nebraska and what would be the present day Dakotas all the way to the coast. While its title implies coverage of British Columbia, it is really just the southern, lower portion of the region. A very early map for Montana, it is here divided into three hand colored counties, though not named. Dakota covers all of present day Wyoming with the Dakota crescent still appearing. A great reference for trails, roads and practical notations throughout. Shows the Pony Express route, explorers routes, as well as the "Cherokee Trail" and the "Laramie Plains" through lower present day Wyoming. Shows the major trails that were used to get to the forts of the time.

    Condition is good with some discoloration to the centerfold and some marginal soiling. Image size is 17 x 26.25 (inches).