(West-Native American) Crazy Horse

Mapmaker: Burks, Wm.

(West-Native American) Crazy Horse


  • ~Fall 2019~
  • (West-Native American)Map of the Territory of Crazy Horse and the Thunder Cult Society 1841 - 1877

    A map of the life of Crazy Horse with a surrounding timeline of notable events. Spanning the countryside that was the backdrop for his life, it covers from Nebraska and Colorado, up to Montana and the Dacotahs. Born in 1841, and attending the Laramie treaty signing at the age of 10, his life spans the great change of Native American life. An enduring symbol for many leaders, founders of AIM and specifically Russell Means referred to him as a model. Buried in secret after his death, his impact is
    still felt. This uncommon map on thick stock includes a brief text page on Crazy Horse's life.

    Condition is very good. Image size is approximately 21.25 x 28.25