(West) (Nebraska Territory - Kansas Territory)

Mapmaker: General Land Office

(West) (Nebraska Territory - Kansas Territory)


  • The West 2020
  • (Nebraska Territory - Kansas Territory)

    A simple map with big, big implications.

    The Kansas Nebraska act set up two new large territories across the Western Plains, but also included the "sovereignty act" which allowed settlers to decide on permitting slavery in their land, which reversed the Missouri compromise. Indeed it set the stage for unrest, atrocities and in the end, the conflict of the Civil War.

    This basic map just shows the major rivers, the "Sixth Principal Meridian", the state boundary lines between Iowa/Missouri and Nebraska/Kansas, and the beginning of the survey grid. No towns or place names.

    Condition is very good with some minor off-setting, and a cropped lower left margin. Image size is approximately 18.25 x 12 (inches)