(West -Pacific Northwest) Landforms of the Northwestern

Mapmaker: Raisz, Erwin

(West -Pacific Northwest) Landforms of the Northwestern


  • ~Holiday~2016
  • Landforms of the Northwestern States...

    Erwin Raisz was a cartographer and educator that produced hand drawn topographical maps that turned the complexities of terrain into a thing of beauty. Not unlike F.W. Egloffstein a century prior, Raisz made the wild and diverse landscapes of the US West into detailed, intuitively understandable maps that unveiled the area into something visually compelling. This uncommon map of the northern portions of the West spans from western Montana and Idaho, to the coast. Shows land quality, drainages, and placenames, along with state borders.

    Condition is very good. Image size is approximately 24 x 33 (inches)