(West - Pacific Northwest) Map of....

Mapmaker: Wilkes

(West - Pacific Northwest) Map of....


  • ~Catalog 60~
  • (West - Pacific Northwest) Map of the Oregon Territory From The Best Authorities. 1849

    Wilkes map was a substantial improvement over Hood's map of the Oregon Territory. Wheat was to call the map "quite extraordinary" although it is based largely on secondary sources. In fact a printed note in the body of the map states, "The Northern part of this map contains the latest information of the Hudson Bay Company, and the Eastern part, that of Lieut. Fremont". Covers a large portion of the northern West from the Laramie Plains, up through British Columbia. An inset shows the Columbia River. Notably this map also shows the situation of native tribes and shows general boundaries for each tribe, including "Shoshone or Snakes, Klamet, Nez Perce or Sapins" among many others

    Condition is good with some restored margin to the lower right and some minor repairs. Image size is approximately 8.5 x 13.25 (inches)