(West)  Reconnoissances in the Dakota Country

Mapmaker: Warren - US Govt.

(West) Reconnoissances in the Dakota Country


  • ~Catalog 59~
  • (West) Reconnoissances in the Dakota Country by G. K. Warren, Lieut: Topl. Engrs. U.S.A., made while attached to the Staff of Bvt. Brig. Genl.Harney, Commander of the Sioux Expedition in 1855 assisted by Mr. Paul Carrey on the route from Fort Pierre to Fort Kearney, and by the voluntary services of Lieut. G.T. Balch, U.S. Ord. on the route from Fort Laramie to Fort Pierre. The Sketch from Fort Pierre to the Mouth of the White River is by Lt. D. Curtis, 2nd Inf., The Map contains in addition all authentic Explorations within the limits comprised by it. They are those of Major Long, Nicollet, Capt. Fremont and Capt. Stansbury, U.S. War Dept.

    A fine early map for Nebraska Territory and the Dakotas as they were at the time. The title does sum this resource well, noting the major contributors to the work. The map covers an enormous tract with the Missouri on one side and Fort Laramie on the other and from the Platte River to Canada. It appears to be Warren's first great map of this region and it covers the trails well but other detail is left to be filled in later.

    Condition is good, has been professionally backed and is bright. Image size is approximately 36 x 60 (inches)