(West - Santa Fe trail ) The Santa Fe Trail

Mapmaker: Cooper, F.A.

(West - Santa Fe trail ) The Santa Fe Trail

c. 1959

  • ~Holiday~2016
  • The Santa Fe Trail

    Topically focused map for the Santa Fe trail are not common. There were several good works that documented the Oregon trail, mile by mile, but not the same for this very old route to the heart of the Southwest. Here the great Kansas artist and illustrator, Frank Arlo Cooper captures the Santa Fe trail, its cutoffs and towns. Spanning from Boonville and Old Franklin Missouri, through Kansas, dividing through Oklahoma or Colorado, and curling up to finally reach the beautiful town of Santa Fe.

    Condition is very good with some very light discoloration to the old folds. Image size is approximately 15.5 x 21 (inches)