(West) Skeleton Map of the territory of the United States

Mapmaker: Wheeler - US Govt.

(West) Skeleton Map of the territory of the United States


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  • (West) Skeleton Map Of the Territory of the United States west of Mississippi River Exhibiting the Relations Existing Between Lines and Areas of Explorations & Surveys Conducted under the auspices of the War Dept. Giving the area of the public domain lying west of the 100th Meridian of Longitude With an index illustration of a series of Atlas Maps...

    Lt. Wheeler and his men had a goal of mapping the West and this map shows the method behind their final intention. With a grid that begins at the 100th meridian and stretches to the Pacific coast they were going to meticulously map each section of the West, piece by piece. The base map shows many prior explorers routes, with a clarity that isn't present on Wheeler's later progress maps. Does note the major Forts (with a symbol of an American flag) and cities, as well as the major rivers.

    Condition is good. Image size is approximately 21.25 x 17 (inches)