(West) The George Catlin Indian..

Mapmaker: Smithsonian Institution

(West) The George Catlin Indian..

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  • (West) The George Catlin Indian Gallery

    George Catlin was an American artist who took his fascination with the "Vanishing Race" of the American Indian, and began to journey throughout the West in 1830, interacting with tribe after tribe, documenting some of their leaders and studying their culture. This Smithsonian report documents some of his adventures, includes dozens of sketches of Chiefs, groups and activities among native peoples. Includes several folding maps, including his Melish based map of the U.S. with tribal locations, a large folding map for the situation of native reservations around the country, and a large G.L.O. map focused on Indian Territory .

    Condition is very good overall, with anticipated weakness to the spine of a 939 page book. Cloth bound. Maps very good, save for an opening tear on the Indian Reservation map.