(West) The Kansas and Nebraska Handbook

Mapmaker: Parker, Nathan

(West) The Kansas and Nebraska Handbook


  • ~Catalog 57~
  • The Kansas and Nebraska Handbook. For 1857-58. With a New and Accurate Map...

    It could be alluded to as the "Garden of the West", these great rolling territories that stretched across the plains and up to the continental divide. They were massive tracts of land which held many native tribes, here located throughout, and were places of great potential. This guidebook was produced by an author who had done the same thing for both Iowa and Minnesota, as he tried to show the most practical information about settlement. In this volume he strove to get down to the "minutiae and cost" of settlement, but tried to keep it simple. The ten chapters of the book span from soil, timber and geology to the opinions of long time residents of the territories. The included folding map by Colton shows the best of what was known at the time, and still retains bold hand color. The text is dampstained throughout, though still well intact and tight.

    Condition of the map is very good. Image size is approximately 13 x 15 (inches)