(West) The Young Forty-Niners

Mapmaker: Holling, H.C.

(West) The Young Forty-Niners


  • The West 2020
  • (West) The Young Forty-Niners

    Holling was an award winning artist and author that also spent some time in his early years at the Field Museum in Chicago working in taxidermy and anthropology. With this diverse background and a drive to write and illustrate for young people, he created this historical map for the West at the time of the California Gold Rush. It is a visual feast, full of notations not just for the wagon routes from Kansas City to California Gold Country, but fleshing out the adjacent country with specific notations. Yellowstone is mentioned as the "Witch Ground that the Indians Shunned", the southern plains note that "Horse-Stealing led to most wars between Indians", and key moments like the Donner Party disaster is noted.

    Condition is very good. Image size is approximately 19 x 30 (inches)