(West) (Western Territory)

Mapmaker: Steen & Dodge

(West) (Western Territory)


  • The West 2020
  • (Western Territory)

    A great map that follows the route of Col Dodge's Dragoons from Ft. Leavenworth, out to the Rockies and back. It was a reconnaissance mission to document the situation of native peoples across the plains that hadn't been pressed into reservations, and gave general locations for the Pawnee, "Blackfeet", "Chiennes" and of course the "Camanche" and "Kioway" that had been a source of concern.

    This smaller edition of the map was issued in 1861 as part of the U.S. State papers, and is a faithful reprinting of its predecessor.

    Condition is very good, has been tissue backed. Outline hand color. Image size is approximately 10.25 x 18 (inches)