(WI. - Univ of Wi) University of Wisconsin

Mapmaker: Beck, Carl

(WI. - Univ of Wi) University of Wisconsin


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  • Historical Decorative Map The University of Wisconsin - Teaching - Research - Public Service As it was Mid-Century

    In a introduction to this map Beck states that "We are living in a picture age... we want things quick, colorful and dramatic... A new expressive art has crept up - historical pictorial maps". He goes on to describe that he sought to condense the history of the school and that the University president selected seven faculty to review the layout and history involved in this map. A "limited library edition of 200", this is stamped as issue 180, and is in its original large hard covers. A beautiful example of the pictorial art with printed metallic ink on the border and in the image. Perhaps best summed by Beck, "This pictorial map is not solely an intellectual document. It wakes memories that appeal to the heart as well as the mind".

    Condition is very good with a minor warping of the hard covers. Image size is approximately 19.5 x 31 (inches)