(World) Air France "Nova Et Vetera"

Mapmaker: Boucher, Lucien

(World) Air France "Nova Et Vetera"


  • ~Catalog 63~
  • Air France "Nova Et Vetera" Sur La Vielle Terre Des Chemins Nouveaux

    Here, a map of the "New Paths on the Old Earth", by notable artist and cartographer, Lucien Boucher. His maps related to the growth and expansion of Air France began in the early 1930's and are a beautiful apex of the European pictorial mapmaking style of the time. This map spans most of the continents save for North America and the Pacific. Bold, colorful and decorative, it notes major cities and shows the main air routes that were served.

    Condition is good though toned with age, and having some wear and tear to the margins and specifically the corners. Image size is 38 x 23.5 (inches)