(World) Chart of the World On Mercators...

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(World) Chart of the World On Mercators...

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  • ~Catalog 61~
  • Chart of the World - Mercators Projection Constructed by Hermann Berghaus...

    Hermann Berghaus was the nephew of Heinrich Berghaus, and also the continuation of his legacy of cartographic quality. This authoritative map of the world ran for eleven editions this being the ninth from 1879, and it's hard to think of what would rival it in this format, or any other. In its original hard covers, this canvas backed map gives incomparable detail for the world in its entirety, as best as was known. The map illustrates physical features, drainage, as well as towns, boundaries, rail lines, and even shipping routes, ocean currents, trans-Atlantic cables, and even the expected areas of Icebergs. Thirty three different surrounding insets cover things from the world's magnetic declination, and significant ports like Singapore or Port Jackson, to potential routes across Central America. A phenomenal

    Condition is very good a few weak points to the backing canvas, but not effecting the map. Image size is approximately 37.25 x 61.5 (inches)