(World -framed)  A New And Accurat Map of the World

Mapmaker: Van Den Keere

(World -framed) A New And Accurat Map of the World

c. 1676

  • ~Catalog 65~
  • A New and Accurat Map of the World Drawne According to ye Truest Descriptions Latest Discoveries Pe. Kaerius Caelavit 1646

    A beautiful miniature map for the world, showing the best of what was known for the time. While most continents are immediately recognizable with some distortions, there is a vast southern polar continent that appears to include Australia as a portion of its coasts. Nicely hand colored and framed

    Condition is good, with crisp gold frame and light green french mat. Overall size for each is approximately 10.25 x 11.75 (inches)