(World) G. Pocock's Portable Globe.

Mapmaker: Pocock, G.

(World) G. Pocock's Portable Globe.


  • ~Catalog 52~
  • (World) G. Pocock's Portable Globe

    This is an ingenious joy to behold. Brighly colored, this huge inflatable globe was produced as an educational tool, in which you introduce a heat source at the bottom ringed opening of globe, fill it with hot air, and once inflated, place it on the floor. Though just made of resilient paper, it holds inflation well, and makes a massive sphere that shows the latest known information of the world. Paying close attention to each continent and the islands of the world's seas, it notes voyager's routes from Cook, Vancouver, and La Perouse to Flinders and Parry. Notes beside Hawaii that “Here Capt.n Cook was killed 1779”. Shows Australia here divided into two “New Holland” & “New South Wales”. Has some wear, some soiling and a few holes, as an old repair near the Azore islands, but else good. A rarity that comes handed down from an old family estate with roots England.

    60 inches collapsed, approximately 48 diameter inflated, bright full hand color.