(World Globe) Miniature Scrimshaw Globe

Mapmaker: Lilley, John

(World Globe) Miniature Scrimshaw Globe

c. 1811 - 18

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  • Miniature Scrimshaw Globe

    An amazing globe and beautiful artifact from the early 19th century. Produced by a British instrument maker, John Lilley, who specialized in nautical and mathematical instruments, this globe is identical in style, content and approach as one studied by the author Stefan Missinne, who published an article on one of Lilley's globes which is identified with Lilley's ink stamp (see .IMCOS Journal, Issue 79, Winter 1999, pgs 25 - 28). In his article Missine discusses methods of investigation he used to authenticate the Lilley globe he was studying, from chemical composition to the method of turning used to make the sphere itself. More so he unravels the "why" of such a small globe with its interior sundial. He comes to realize that the content of the cartography is outdated, and so is the approach to time telling, and that it wasn't a pocket globe that had been reworked, but just a small globe that perhaps had its origin in a discipline other than the typical mapmakers. In looking at the content of the globe, it is a bit behind the times, certainly lacking the contributions of Capt. Cook and his men, but also still depicting an antiquated approach to Australia, showing it as just the upper reaches of a south polar continent. Several languages are used on the globe with Latin, French and Dutch being utilized throughout.

    Condition is very good with some light checking with age. 2 inch sphere, total height 3.5 inches with base and finial., some inked color