(World -Japanese) (World Wall Map)

Mapmaker: Anon. (Japanese)

(World -Japanese) (World Wall Map)

c. 1915

  • ~Holiday~2016
  • (World Wall Map)

    A wonderful wall map that is as much about Japanese world perspective as it is about geography and political boundaries. While a cloud of world leaders floats at the top with Emperor Taisho at the center, a hemispheric world is just below them complimented by a photo of the palace. With attention on the European war, including insets for the fronts of westernl Europe, even that is balanced by showing Asia as context. Below that is a massive map for Japan and its influence to Korea with numrous insets for the Pacific Rim, the outer reaches of Hokkaido, and another for Taiwan. It's clear that Japan is a rising international power with its eyes on world events, but it is placing itself as an expanding power in not just field of Asia, but world interests.

    Condition is very good beyond anything we've seen before for such wall maps. Overall size is approximately 76 x 34 (inches)