(World) Les Parties Connuees Du Globe Terrestre

Mapmaker: Bellin

(World) Les Parties Connuees Du Globe Terrestre


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  • Essay D'Une Carte Reduite Contenant Les Parties Connuees Du Globe Terrestre...

    A large engraving of the best of what was known of the world at the time. And while it is amazingly proportionate and detailed, large mysteries still remain and theories abound. Immediately evident is the shape of North America, the lack of anything Alaska, and a pretty clear passage from the Great Lakes to the Pacific. Also immediate is the land bridge that connects Australia to New Guinea and was apparently thought to reach to Tasmania. Does show major placenames and drainages throughout. A crisp engraving on thick stock

    Condition is very good. Image size is 20 x 27.5 (inches)