(World) Loran - C Coverage Diagram

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(World) Loran - C Coverage Diagram


  • ~Holiday~2016
  • Loran - C Coverage Diagram

    A progenitor of GPS

    World War two spawned a technological race that saw fields of challenges and breakthroughs that occured in weeks and sometimes days. The race for technological supremacy found innovation and re-purposing of new innovations that would set the stage for the devices you use daily. One such genesis was when if was figured that two low frequency signals could be measure by a device in the air or at sea and could pin point its location. That's right, it's the foundations of GPS systems and was known as the "Loran" system first used in the mid years of WWII. This map shows the span of the "Loran - C" system which was introduced in 1957 and would be operable until 2015 when most all signal stations were decommissioned.

    Condition is good with some soiling and marginal tears. Image size is approximately 20 x 37 (inches)