(World) Mappe Monde ou Description

Mapmaker: Elwe, J.

(World) Mappe Monde ou Description


  • ~Catalog 62~
  • Mappe Monde ou Description du Globe Terrestre & Aquatique

    Jaillot’s striking world map of 1694, reissued almost a century later by Jan Elwe. Probably the last published map to show California as an island. We see the world as it was known in the late 17th century, with many uncertainties and inaccuracies in North America and the Pacific. Australia and New Zealand are very incomplete, and there is still a suggestion of the vast southern continent. It is a beautifully decorated map, with allegorical figures and charming backgrounds surrounding the two hemispheres. Female figures representing the continents are found in the four corners. Other allegorical figures are found at the top and bottom center, and these appear to represent the four cardinal virtues of justice, courage, prudence and temperance.

    Condition is very good to near fine. Image size is 18.25 x 24 (inches)