(World) Missions – Weltkarte Fur Jung Und Alt.

Mapmaker: Kreeft, P.W.

(World) Missions – Weltkarte Fur Jung Und Alt.

c. 1850

  • ~Catalog 52~
  • (World) Missions – Weltkarte Fur Jung Und Alt.

    A Christian perspective on the condition of the world and the Great Commission. Showing the world on a hemispheric projection it shows the continents named and mostly covered in solid black, save for Europe. Where missions stations exist and Christianity is taking hold, the black retreats to white or gray. Some sailing routes are shown, such as the route to the islands of the South Pacific where missions are underway. Surrounding the globe are examples of indigenous wildlife of each continent, as well vignettes native costume. Flanking the globe on both sides are a small mountain chart and a river chart. Condition is very good.

    Image size is 16.5 x 18.5, uncolored as issued.