(World) Our Flying Ambassadors

Mapmaker: Hammond

(World) Our Flying Ambassadors

c. 1928

  • ~Holiday~2016
  • Our Flying Ambassadors and Their Routes

    A map that celebrates the journies of several aviators, but really heralds a world that is shrinking and becoming more connected. With photos at top for flyers like Maitland, Byrd, Lindbergh and others, this map shows nine routes from the "U.S. Army Round-the-World Fliers, 1924" to the flights of Charles Lindbergh in 1928, this north polar projection also includes a map of "Lindbergh's Aerial Tour of Latin America". A rare map for the air age in its infancy.

    Condition is good with some minor corner fold loss and mostly marginal staining. Image size is approximately 12.5 x 22 (inches)