(World Set) (World and regions)

Mapmaker: Liozu, Jacques

(World Set) (World and regions)

c. 1951

  • ~Holiday~2016
  • (World and regions set)

    It's a rare occasion for us to have a full set of these large maps by Liozu that cover the world and its individual regions. Not like the small illustrated maps that Liozu did of world cities, states and French provinces, these are the larger decorative maps that capture a bit of local feel and culture, along with regional borders. Eight maps in all, they each measure approximately 13 x 19 and include;


    -Europe Centrale & Orientale (Central & Eastern Europe)

    -Europe Occidentale (Western Europe)

    -Afrique (Africa)

    -Australie & Oceanie (Australia & Oceania)

    -Asie (Asia)

    -Amerique Du Nord Et Centrale (North And Central America)

    -Amerique Du Sud (South America).

    Condition is very generally very good, save for the world map that is sporadically foxed. with some wear and weakness along the folds. Image size is approximately 28.25 x 41 (inches)