(World) The Earth - From Space

Mapmaker: Tom Van Sant-Geosphere Proj.

(World) The Earth - From Space


  • ~Fall 2019~
  • (World) The Earth - From Space - A Satellite View of The World

    Here, the first view of the entire planet from space. A project spearheaded by artist Tom Van Sant, in coordination with NOAA, NASA and National Geogrphic Society where he selected and compiled satellite images from all over the earth, over a 10 month period to compile this image. This cloudless, clear view is a landmark in its complete envisioning of earth at a new standard. It became a seminal image for the conservation movement and Al Gore, but holds a unique place in its macro view of the planet. Uncommon.

    Condition is very good with minor corner pinholes. Image size is approximately 22.75 x 35 (inches)