(World) The Earth From Space

Mapmaker: Van Sant, Tom

(World) The Earth From Space

c. 1991
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  • (World) The Earth From Space - A Satellite View of the World

    Van Sant was a renaissance man that referred to himself as an artist/scientist and had long friendships and working relationships with the great architect William Pereira, as well as nobel winning phycist Richard Feynmann. Through his connections, in the 1980's he began to work with satellite images, the raw images take from hundreds of miles above the earth. From thousands of these shots, he compiled a clean definitive image of the entire earth, found in this laminated view. And with it started the Geosphere project where he imagined a live time reference of the earth from space that could be used by everyone. Prior to the internet existing, he was imagining of a dedicated, accessible tool for farmers or fishermen to watch weather, commuters to watch traffic. As with so many great thinkers, Tom was working at a frontier of ideas, and laying a foundation with work such as this. This became a revenue stream to fund Tom's greater intentions, and was used by Al Gore in the "Inconvient Truth" to help dramatize the changing planet.

    This is the uncommonly large edition of Van Sant's work, condition is good with some misfolds, pinholes and tears, but all marginal. Overall size is approximately 34.75 x 58.5