(World) The Official Map of The World

Mapmaker: Crocker, L.V.

(World) The Official Map of The World

c. 1918

  • ~Catalog 65~
  • (The World) The Official Map of The World Showing the Four Quarters of the Globe On the Quarter-Spherical or Orange Peel Projection.

    The early twentieth century was full of new looks at the world and how to understand it. New projects were born of a planet that was getting smaller and a world much more interconnected. Empires existed where the sun never set, and others sought to gave that same coverage. This map from an American publisher shows his innovative "Orange Peel Projection", which chopped the world into four section which would "reduce distortion" and "..makes every country of the Globe appear in practically its true size, relative to every other country". This appeal for precision would become a common theme in the decades following.

    Condition is good with one or two marginal repairs. Size is approximately 31.5 x 50 (inches)