(World) The World On Mercator's

Mapmaker: Stanford, Edward

(World) The World On Mercator's

c. 1904
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  • ~Spring 2019~
  • London Atlas Map Of The World On Mercator's Projection, Shewing the British Empire...

    From a map publishing powerhouse of the time, Stanford map company, here a folding pocket map that illustrates the entire world with identifying color spotlighting the British Empire at its apex. From the smallest islands of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, to the continents and their nations, the color red imposes a clear sense of the vast network that the British Empire was composed of. Indeed the sun never set on this national behemoth of the time. This map includes insets for the poles, and notes explorers routes in the areas

    Condition is good for this map bisected and backed on canvas inside its original hard folding green covers. . Image size is approximately 19.5 x 22.5 (inches),