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Mapmaker: Anon. (Japanese)

(World) World

c. 1780

  • ~Catalog 54~
  • (World) World

    The earliest and most interesting Japanese published world map we have had in some time. These two sheets compose an interesting world map that requires some study to discern the configuration of the continents. While North America is pretty identifiable, with a massive Island of California, and a cluster of islands floating above it with a translated title of the “Land of Darkness”, the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa are very distorted. Japan is obvious and quite large, and practically the only island in the Pacific, which doesn't even include an Australian continent. There is an large south polar land mass, with an implied coast (ice shelf?) on the north pole. A fascinating perspective.

    Condition is good with some extended margins, and soiling and repair to each lower corner., images size is 3.5 x 5.75 (inches)