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(World) World Communism Today


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  • World Communism Today

    If you've forgotten the intensity of the Cold War, this flashback will might help you almost feel the chilly tension again, as you look at the massive footprint of the Red Menace as it stretched across Asia and a good portion of Europe. Especially as you notice the proximity of communist island of Cuba. This large wall map, published for Newsweek, gives a basic map of the world with the three types of communist countries identified (“Pro-Soviet”, Pro-Chinese”, and “Neutral Communism”) each in their own specific hue of red. A short history, at the bottom charts the historical background of Communism from Marx and Engel (1848) to “Moscow crushing the Czechoslovak experiment” in 1968 and Brezhnev “admitting that the movement is splintered” in 1969.

    Condition is very good. Image size is 31 x 42, printed color.