(World- WWI) What Germany Wants...

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(World- WWI) What Germany Wants...

c. 1915

  • ~Holiday~2016
  • What Germany Wants. Her Claims as set forth by Leaders of German Thought.

    "In Central America we Germans have let slip the opportunity for obtaining Cuba"

    "Pan-Germanism absorbs also the Scandinavians" - Ernst Hasse...

    What if you assembled dozens of such pro-German quotes from abstract books, newspapers and other literature, and imposed them onto a map. This propaganda piece done by a British publisher does just that and the result is intimidating. Showing German impact in almost every part of the world and taking over entire continents, such as South America, it was meant to give you pause and make you ponder its dark potential. With 36 different itemized geographical quotes, it is an interesting device in the escalation of rhetoric.

    Condition is good, has been professionally backed and restored with minimal loss on the folds and some portions of text. Image size is approximately 28 x 40.75 (inches)