(World - WWII Aviation) Aviation Cavalcade

Mapmaker: Cheeseman, F. E.

(World - WWII Aviation) Aviation Cavalcade

c. 1955

  • ~Catalog 63~
  • Wings Over The World... Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Aviation Cavalcade by Albert Richard Sportswear

    Just 41 years from the first flight of Kittyhawk, this map looks at a world now totally interconnected. Catalyzed by the world war, this map includes the "skyway of tomorrow" inset that addresses potential peace time uses of aviation from air trains that would haul goods inexpensively to the car that converts to a plane. Surrounded with all the different US planes that were utilized for the war effort, it also includes the experimental flying wing, as well as showing the different emblems for foreign planes.

    Condition is good, issued on board and with only some minimal discoloration on the top margin. Image size is approximately 17 x 23.75 (inches)