(World - WWII) Map of the World

Mapmaker: Gousha, H.M.

(World - WWII) Map of the World

c. 1941

  • Summer Things 2020 Part IIII
  • (World) Up To The Minute - Map Of The World - Jig Saw Puzzle

    Here a puzzle map of the vast international conflagration which includes a list of Allied and Axis powers, another for "Air and Steamer Distances Between Objectives" . But it's the embedded symbology within the pieces, in something as innocuous as a world map puzzle, that best represents the time. Includes the shapes of a bomb, gun, eagle, jeep and more.

    Condition is good with some minor scuffing and warping of pieces. Box is distress, taped and in poor condition. Image size is approximately 19.5 x 31.5 (inches)